Shit I don’t want to deal with


Wedding Update:

  • I’ve heard my future sister in law is very excited that I will have a preggo maid of honour
  • The other one is getting over the fact that her baby brother could be (will definitely be) having sex
  • I found out that my future groom really didn’t like the colours I was thinking about. I got upset at first but he explained why and then I was just mildly irritated because it was a really sweet reason.

When his grandfather passed away he left future groom a very fine, vintage vest from the thirties or forties. When future groom received it he promised himself he would get married in it, I think maybe as a way to honour his grandfather. When I was talking about a bunch of bright, rainbow-like colours he thought it wouldn’t go and that bothered him. So now I can’t do it, but I’ve gotten over it. Now I’m thinking of an adventure theme with lots of maps and old fashioned travel stuff. That, or I’m still thinking about not actually having a wedding . . .

More than once while growing up my parent’s told me, a little joking but actually very seriously, that they would encourage me to elope. Now that I’m actually engaged it’s like they can’t fully decide what they want, although I think my Dad is leaning more towards a wedding. But whilst my darling groom thought at first that  a wedding was important, he’s recently changed his mind and decided it’s just a horse and pony show and doesn’t want one at all.

This will be an interesting process.


Wedding part 2

Okay okay okay.

So I’m getting married and I don’t know how to pick a date, who to invite, can’t settle on colours for sure, and am pretty sure my future groom and I are not on the same page. We want a small ceremony, but don’t know what kind. Our wedding party (not including family) currently has three people in it – me, the groom, and the maid of honour. The reception like, what even is that? We want a large(er) one but of course don’t know how many people for sure, or even what to do.